Turning Points Sermon Series

Part 8 -- Joseph (the other one) -- December 7


Part 7 -- Jonah -- November 23


Running away. We've all done it at some point about some thing. Maybe it was a relationship or work-place issue, a problem that caused you to leave home at an early age or a fight you were unwilling to face. Some of us run from God, somehow thinking that we can outrun Him or find a place where He can't get too. Maybe His call on our life seemed too big, so we ran. Maybe we had other plans for our lives, so we ran in our own direction, away from His. Our story this week centers around another runner in the Bible. His story touches elements in our own lives, even though his context is a bit different. Is running from God a one way trip? Does He turn His back and ignore us? Can this set up a powerful Turning Point moment? Join me this Saturday (Sabbath) morning at 11:00 as we explore this story and learn some valuable lessons for our own lives. 

Pastor Jon


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